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Misty Chybrzynski

Misty Chybrzynski has  more than 12 years experience in media and non-profit organizations in both the communications and human resources sectors. Based in Natrona Heights, PA, she has a finger on the pulse of the local Alle-Kiski Valley community as well as the city of Pittsburgh.

Misty began her career as a copy editor and page designer for the Valley News Dispatch, a Trib Total Media daily newspaper based in Tarentum, PA. She began covering news, writing feature stories and composing advertisement materials for the Valley News Dispatch, The Herald weekly edition newspaper, House to Home real estate publication, The Pine Creek Journal weekly edition newspaper and advertising campaigns for Trib Total media publications shortly after joining the Trib staff. Misty crossed over to the public relations industry as the Public Relations Manager and Open Records Officer for Highlands School District in Natrona Heights, PA in 2008. She also managed the Human Resources Department and district Community Relations and Volunteer Program during her tenure in the district. Misty has been awarded and recognized for her work by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association and the Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association.


Misty has assisted in the pilot programs and marketing of several non-profit organizations, a non-denominational Christian church and small businesses. She also has restructured and managed public relations and human resource programs in non-profit organizations and public school districts. Misty is passionate about helping organizations establish, achieve and maintain their missions.


Whether you are just beginning or need a boost in your marketing programs, Misty can work with you to reach your audiences, train your staff or members, and recruit and communicate with volunteers and clients!

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